To Conduct AMA on this Community forum along with Reddit

A lot of AMA’s have happened with Brave team and will keep happening overall. From Brave Team, their CEO, CTO, and all others have done AMA’s on reddit. It is usually done when new product within brave ecosystem is launched or a random AMA is conducted like the one with Peter Snyder which happened few months back.
It would be good if other such AMA are also conducted on this forum rather than/along with reddit.

The thing is I am not on reddit, also a lot of brave users too aren’t on reddit. Compared to reddit, this is the one brave forum where all users who prefer their own social media sites intersect with each other. Those who are on Brave’s official twitter, reddit, telegram groups are all on this forum. I don’t have the data, but I estimate that this forum will have more users than all other Brave related forums.