To Brave Devs --> My poor UX + My recommended UX fix

Here was my experience just now: (I just downloaded Brave for the first time and was exploring things)

  • Click the red/white triangle thing.

  • “Oh, brave rewards, what’s that?”

  • Click. “Oops! I didn’t mean to activate it! I don’t even know what this thing is!

  • How do I do I deactivate this thing– I don’t even know what it is, and that was wayyy to easy to accidentally click the wrong thing, to start something I am not ready to start (because I don’t know what it is)?” … almost seems like they wanted me to click it (i.e. start it) more than they wanted me to figure it out – almost as if by design.

  • Now I have to stop what I am doing to try to figure out how to cancel this rewards thing.” … visit FAQ for rewards. Nothing on ‘quit’ or ‘cancel’. Visit community. Same-- can’t find anything.

  • “Ok, well, before I make a thread, let me see if I can figure out how to turn it off…” go to settings… ok, clicked the switch. Yay I turned it off… But it’s not cancelled! It still has me enrolled!!! That is SUPER annoying. I had no intention of being enrolled, just from one click! Ok, now I am starting to get peeved and dislike Brave.

  • And guess what? Now that I’ve enabled, then disabled it, the link to “Learn about the rewards feature” link is GONE! Now I can’t even easily click to learn about the program!!

  • Wow, terrible UX here guys. I would never design such a pathway for my users. If someone cancels something, I would disenroll them, and make it as if they’d never enrolled in the first place. I want to go back to how it was before-- before I accidentally clicked ‘enroll in this thing, oh, by the way, one click and you’re in-- we won’t even confirm that its your intention’

Supeerrr annoying.

Do this for me:

When I disenroll, restore the frikkin red triangle thing to how it was originally!

Now what shall I do? Restore to default, and then reinstall my browser extensions? Gee thanks.

I really DO NOT LIKE that I cannot exit or cancel my participation in the rewards program if I accidentally activate it-- way to not let the user be in control of their own experience.

When you disable Brave Rewards, it’s disabled. You will no longer be participating in the program. The “red triangle thingy” - BAT symbol - in the Address bar reveals the Rewards Panel. Click Rewards Settings:

Here, you can disable Brave Rewards by toggling the switch on the top right:

Let me know if any of this is unclear.

Thanks Mattches!! Super helpful.

Indeed, I had figured it out. And to be honest, I was reluctant to begin this thread. However, I did want to share my honest experience & desire, in case anyone felt I had a good point in my concerns.

My pet peeve was that it did not return to its original state.
If I cancel something, I want it to be as if I had not begun it in the first place. Instead, it seems as though Brave enrolled me, then I attempted to cancel it… and supposedly it’s cancelled… but then why do I see “your wallet” if I don’t have one (because it’s cancelled?) => From a UX perspective, this is mixed messaging from the app (inconsistency. Or maybe it’s by design?).

If I really did cancel it by flipping the switch… why do I see the words “your wallet”?

  • –> Actually I just realized-- Maybe it will take effect, visually, if I restart the browser. <–

(in which case, that makes sense-- maybe the problem isn’t actually a problem, once the person restarts the browser)

For example, there is no link to more info on the BAT/rewards program, as there had been initially (before I accidentally activated the BAT/rewards program).

In Rewards Settings, when disabled you should see this:

Additionally, we have a new dialogue that should display when Rewards is disabled that looks like this:
You’ll see this UI change rolled out in the next couple updates.