To Be My Perfect Browser - 9 Requests For Addon Solutions


I hope these already exist and I’d be grateful to anyone who points to good solutions:

1 Dark Theme

  • As important as any other (dis)ability aid.

2 Unlimited History

  • My history auto-expires, and while some may want it to expire sooner, I want mine to never expire. I prefer using my history to bookmarks.

3 Drag & Drop Properly Named Links

  • Every time I drag & drop a link I need to rename it.
    ie. “Artificial_gravity” to “Artificial gravity - Wikipedia”

4 & 5 Vertical Tab Tree & Tab Hibernation

  • Critical! Nuff said.

6 Session Management

  • Including hibernated tabs.
    When Firefox went Quantum it screwed everything up from my hibernated tab restore and finally my SpeedDial Sync seized up my Firefox completely with some kind of endless memory leak - on two machines.

7 MORE Toolbars

  • I want the option to add top toolbar(s), bottom/status bar(s), and vertical toolbar(s)!
    I want ALL my info available at a glance rather than the “convenience” of a start page or whatever. Whether it’s lots of bookmarks, addons, apps, date/time, weather, RSS, email, etc. I want it all somewhere in my periphery. This may seem like clutter to some, but who is anyone to dictate my process. Firefox Quantum sucks ass since it lost Puzzle Bars.

8 YouTube Downloader

  • All of them are inadequate. I need a decent downloader that custom auto-renames the file properly (ie. author, title, date, rez, videoID#, etc). One was very good until about a year ago, though it was a slow, tedious, laborious process - which leads me to…

9 YouTube Batch Downloader

  • It’d be a dream come true if I could simply batch download YouTube videos. Whether I want to catch up on an author, topic, playlist, or whatever. In this age of EXTREME censorship and bullshit policies I don’t trust any corporation to keep proper archives available online and I ONLY watch videos I’ve downloaded (also avoids annoying buffering issues).

Vivaldi Browser is also good yet lacking too.

Thanks very much in advance from a Brave noobie.


Edit Addition: Make that 9 into “12 Requests…”

10 This may be an alternative to #9 YouTube Downloader. Perhaps some kind of Macro thing will work. I don’t know enough about Macros but I could be persuaded to learn - if I could code it to batch download my YouTube Notifications automatically, kind of like a torrent+RSS feed.

11 The bookmark management it terrible and restrictive. I don’t know why much less where to start. Start over if necessary.

12 The bookmark manager make me realize something I miss: Sidebars. Last year I had sidebars on both sides of my Firefox. Now FF will only let me have one. I used to be able to see my treetabs or bookmarks, downloads, and a website - all at once. In Brave I can only see/do one thing at a time which is annoying, interrupts my flow, and often gets me lost trying to find my place before I had to switch to check something.

Thanks for considering.

Brave Beta Review

Brave Beta comes with a dark theme included, and also addresses numbers 2 - 12, as it supports almost all extensions. If you’d like to see a specific feature added to Brave specifically, drop it in the Feedback section for Beta Builds.