/tmp/webtorrent has recently disappeared? (Mac OS)


I had been having an ongoing issue with the “save” button (on the webtorrent page) not operating in the Brave browser after downloading a file. A quick search found that the webtorrent files were stored in the /tmp/webtorrent/ folder, so I switched to simply navigating to that folder after downloading files to easily move them from the folder (don’t have to copy the file).

However, at some point in the last few months (unfortunately I can’t point to a specific time or update because I haven’t needed anything from bittorrent for quite a long span) the folder just disappeared, and new downloads don’t seem to show up anywhere. Whenever I search online I can’t find any updated discussion about where the webtorrent files are now stored. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m on Mac OSX looking for the folder where downloaded, and partially downloaded files, are saved by the Brave browser when using webtorrent. :grin:



Hi @BitcoinGuy,

/tmp/webtorrent is for previous Brave 0.25.x. The new Brave 0.60.x for now download it to memory. So you need to manually save the file. We’ve an issue logged to have it write to disk after finish.

What issue that you have? Also, which version that you use? Menu > About Brave.



Ok good to know. I thought i was crazy, i couldn’t find anything even with an extensive Terminal search that even had the name “webtorrent” in it. I’m currently using version 0.59.35, but the downloading problem has actually been solved more recently. The “save file” button works fine now. I had simply gotten used to opening the webtorrent folder because it was much faster (i didn’t have to write the whole file again, i just moved it to the new location). So I was curious if there was still a location where it was downloaded to continue it out of habit.

Thanks for your help with this.


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