Titlebar does not change to URL bar with screen touch



Version 0.15.314 on Windows 10 x64 Surface Pro 3

Can’t get the title bar to change to a URL bar when I use touch. If a tab is touched the URL bar appears. I would think directly touching would let me type in a URL. Am I the only one or is it a bit of a GUI bug?


I see the opposite on touch screen device. It is always on URL mode when I open any page and scroll through. It does make sense to be on URL mode since its a touch device and there wont be any mouse hover effect on URLbar. On normal laptop/desktop mode with the track-pad/mouse hover it changes from Title mode to URL mode.

cc: @clifton to confirm its working as expected for touch devices


More specifically, I see the problem when I am transitioning modes from mouse to touch. So, for example, I would mouse away from the URL bar causing it to transition to Title, then switching to touch I can’t get the URL back unless I touch a tab.


Hi @unoriginalone,

Because of the touch device involved, you’ll want to enable the “Always show the URL bar” setting. Using a touch device, the main mouse events being sent are for click (not mouse move). The fancy title mode does look good, but it’s not really designed for folks using touch


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