Title of bookmarks change and window size on re-opening


Hi, I like brave very much but have 2 recurring issues. I’m using it on a winders box running windows 7 pro

the first is that I usually resize the brave window to a certain size while I work. It would be nice if Brave remembered that upon closing, because every time i re-open the program it goes back to the default window size and i have to re-size the window yet again. not a deal breaker but an annoyance.

second issue is that occasionally bookmarks rename them selves with the name of the previous site visited; the url remains correct but the bookmark/tab name change. for example, if i have bookmarks say “instapundit”, and “cnn” sometimes when i am on instapundit and then click on the cnn bookmark the name of the cnn bookmark will change to instapundit in both the tab and the bookmark list even though the url will remain correct.



Hi, the issues are under investigation. thanks for the report. best

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