TitanTV.com freezes Brave

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1.Goto TitanTV.com

Expected result: Page to load without freezing browser.

Brave Version( check About Brave): [
Version 1.30.89

Additional Information: I have been using this website for years with no issues. Now, if I try to go to it, the page image loads, but the page loading rotating arrow keeps spinning then freezes. When that happens, I can’t move the mouse anywhere. I can’t get Task Manager to load to force quit Brave. I can’t go anywhere. I’m stuck on the page. This website works fine in the Chrome browser. Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks for reaching out.
Not exactly sure how to reproduce this. When I visit the site, I land on the page and it finishes loading without any issue. Is there an action I need to take specifically to produce the issue?

Wow! Thanks for the fast reply! Try seeing if it works in a private window and let me know.

Works the same in a Private window as well.

I guess it’s hard to give advice if you can’t reproduce the issue. Why would I have this issue and not you? Any ideas?

Can you try clearing site data for the site and then test and see if you get the same results? Visit the site, click the “lock” icon in the address bar, then Site settings --> Clear data. Refresh the page and see if the issue persists.

Would going here do the same thing? If so, that doesn’t help. I’m using the browser now. If I go to TitanTV, my browser will freeze so I wouldn’t be able to click anything on the page.

Have you tried rebooting the PC?

Yes. Funny, but I have no problems in the Chrome browser with this website!

What version of Windows? And is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

And is Brave 32- or 64-bit?

I will say that page loaded for me, but it’s a heck of a lot of content. Wondering if there’s some kind of memory management issue going on.

Had no issues here, but this may help fix some perf issues. Since it blocks the inpage video advertising. https://github.com/easylist/easylist/commit/0723090e7a60067fa8326b6f88d33bdcbff4d536

Give it 48hrs to rollout.

64 bit. Any idea of why it works fine for me on Chrome, but freezes Brave?

I found that the uBlock Origin extension will allow me to use this site without freezing Brave. AdBlock Plus and Privacy Badger didn’t solve the issue. Any thoughts on why I have no issues in the Chrome browser with this site?

What extensions are you using in Chrome? If any, I wonder if one of them might be blocking something and then preventing this issue.

Also note that it could be something wrong in the underlying Chromium version, there’s a bit of a delay between newer versions of underlying Chromium making it into Brave.

I’m opening TitanTV in a private window and the only extensions I run in that window are password managers. I just opened Brave with only a private window and nothing else. I opened Task Manager so I could watch it and went to that website. Task manager showed Brave was using 2000MB loading TitanTV!! Good grief! No wonder everything is getting messed up. I just allowed the uBlock Origin extension for a private window and now TitanTV is using 867MB, the site now works and doesn’t freeze. I generally don’t allow extensions in a private window due to privacy concerns. I’ll just have to use a regular window and run the uBlock Origin extension. I wonder why this is just happening to me?

  • Does it work better in private window mode?
  • Can you test in Brave Nightly? Does it improve there?
  • Does adding ||connatix.com^ too brave://adblock as a custom filter help?

OK, this is cool, we are getting closer – certainly seems like it’s adblocker-related (or more precisely, lack of it, when the issue occurs).

In addition to @fanboynz 's comments, you could maybe try flipping Shields to ‘Aggressive’ on that site and see if that improves things.

No, it freezes in a private window unless I allow the uBlock Origin extension to run in a private window. I think the easiest solution is to use that website in a regular window running the uBlock Origin extension. I’ve used that website for years with no issues. It would appear that they did something to screw it up!

OK, I sent Shields to aggressive. I can’t block scripts as the site won’t work properly. Shields is blocking the logos for TV networks, but I can live with that I can use the site with this Shields settings. Thanks, Jim!

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