Tips never received?

I tipped my website 30 bat in three 10 bat tips. I never received the tip on Uphold. Everything is verified, so why didn’t my tips go through?

Same here but I’ve read that it may takes several days to show up. It’s been 3 days for me.

Still hasnt showed up. And it’s been like 2 weeks

It’s happening to me too.

Still never received them. Why?

This might help you. Did you maybe send your tips in a period from 1. to 8. Of month?
Here is the post all you should check

And Brave doesn’t give users to tip themselves sometimes they allow this especially if this is a small amount, because some user just wants to test this feature before doing this with real funs/customers :slight_smile:

Same here! I am suppose to have received tips, but it’s still at 0.00 on the Brave Rewards page.

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