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Some tips to help the development team. For people to migrate from Chrome to Brave there is a great need for more information on how the browser works, its functions, if possible on videos, for users who have English as their first language or speak at an advanced / fluent level is not simple information. Browser start to be faster, although after open is fast, install Flash without activating things in the menus. Integration of the PC / MAC browser with smartphones, in the program informs to enter the settings of the second device to activate, but does not exist (at least in android). Possibility or demonstration of how to disable visualization of other openings by hovering over. Explanation (by video, with multi-lingual captions) of how the system will work, how to enable Brave ad preview (not clear in the shield settings). Explanation of why they accept only BTC, would prefer Ethereum or Dash with their fee of $ 0.2, BTC fees are too high to make a monthly payment of $ 5, and more than that, for countries with a minimum wage of $ 220, popular car costs 50 wages, energy costs 3x more than other countries. Bitfinex graphics took some time to get it to appear, need explanation of how to work or scrip to accept certain third party content on the pages (but I think it would generate a hole). After seeming to hate the browser, I would say that I think it’s great, the idea of ​​an integrated torrent manager, an ad blocker that really works, is great, and it offers an opportunity to revolutionize the polluted internet with ads, crawls and traps with every click. Anyway, I think it’s an extremely qualified team, but ordinary users who will do the popular design need more simplicity and information (maybe in the installation create basic, intermediate and advanced version, each with its presets). Thanks and keep up the good work here.


Sorry for my english, I can read, but not write (translator on 20% words).


Thanks for the feedback @Raupp! :slight_smile:

Most of the documentation is available on the wiki

And when user installed it for the first time and Brave open, it should open the welcome page about:welcome automatically. It have basic information how to get started.

The team is working on the improvement IIRC.

Sync for mobile (Android, iOS) is not there, yet. But will available in the future. For now, it only sync from desktop to desktop.

And I think it’s clear enough (note about sync on mobile).

It can be disabled vie Preferences > Tabs.

It’s not there, yet.

In the next update, it’ll changed from BTC to BAT (Basic Attention Token). Their own token. See

will ccing @suguru for this feedback.

Again, thank you for writing this feedback and for using Brave!

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