TIPS did not appear on my creator account


Being in a country that does not yet have the possibility of verifying its account (Uphold is no longer available and Gemini either), I could not recover the bats from the browser that I used on my old phone.

In order not to lose them, I created a creator account and I gave myself my bat via the TIP function. But I never received my bat on my creator account. Knowing that I had accumulated them during 4 years and that I had no other solutions, could I get them?

Never been allowed by Brave. This was you trying to circumvent regional restrictions, which is against Terms.

Creators MUST be verified to receive tips. This was announced in October. [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account

Not really. I mean, it might go back to your old phone after 90 days. But if you don’t have it, then likely the BAT is lost forever.

My country is supported in the list of countries of Brave Rewards.
Only Uphold supports my country and when I had to verify my account, my country was temporary blocked to respected the GDPR.
For more than 4 months it was not possible to check the account. I had to keep my phone for 4 months for that, so after a while I had to reset it and try to send my bat with creator.

Thank you very much for your answer, so I lost my 4 years of BAT as I no longer have the old phone. It’s a shame that there are no possibilities to transfer your account like on PC.

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