Tips deposit not working

For a long time I have problem with tips. I see them on dashboard but withdraw doesnt work. Every payput wave tips dissapear from final deposit, only reeferal works. Every month I get mail from uphold saying that I need to verify my profile to claim tips however I already passed KYC and linked bank account. Uphold support says that everything is good from their side and It is brave issue.

As you can see I was going to get 20.79 BAT but after 3-4 days I got only 10.81 (1 refferal).

This month I was supposed to get 67 BAT but got nothing.

Hi @michalmaniak - it looks like you still need to complete KYC - with Uphold. Is this something that you’ve done?

I asked uphold support twice. Everytime they confirmed that I already passed kyc and problem is on brave side. I paste fragment of livechat with uphold support
(06:11:49 PM) Alfredo C: Your account is fully verified,
(06:12:26 PM) Alfredo C: In this case you will need to contact Brave so that they may see why that is occurring since from our side your account has been verified.

Hey @michalmaniak - I figured it out! We had not fully integrated the GitHub payments mechanism, but it will be available for the April 8th payout, and you will receive your tips then!

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Everything works now. I got correct amount of BAT.

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