Tipping not working


I have configured a website I host for tipping. Over the past couple of weeks, I have tipped the site 1 BAT a couple of times, however, the tips are not showing up on the Brave Payments page where the channel and its balance are listed. Previously, you told me to wait 7-10 days, I have done that and still nothing shows up.

I have several websites I would like to add as channels enabled for Brave tipping, but, I can’t seem to make it work… I started out with an older version of Brave, but, based on your advice, upgraded to the latest build a couple of weeks ago. Is there a possibility I have two separate accounts.

I simply cannot figure out why Brave tipping will not work on an enabled website. The tipping icon works fine. I am talking about the tip showing up in my Uphold account.


Hi you guys,
My BAT showed up in my Uphold account. So, now, I can successfully tip a site I host and it shows up - way over a week later - in my account. That’s great. I will add more channels. Thanks for all your help.


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