Tipping history?

It is possible to view my tipping history?
They are disappear after some time and there is no access to check it.
Is there something like wallet transactions in this browser?

@iRi33 Welcome to community. Thanks for reaching out. Apologies, I am just tring to understand the issue. Are you not seeing Tip data (Tipped website and tip amount) in the Tips panel in brave://rewards page?

Usually after tipping any publisher, tip data should appaer in Tips panel in the rewards page, you can see both one -time tip and recurring tips in the Tips panel in rewards page.

I’m not sure which history you are looking for, please revert back with clarification.


I’m sorry, didn’t precise. I mean total history of tips. In rewards page I can see only monthly tips, what about total?


Tip content creators directly as you browse. You can also set up recurring monthly tips so you can support sites continuously.

Are they written somewhere in blockchain or something?

@iRi33 Currently, we don’t have any place called total history of tips, we can see only monthly recurring tips and one-time tips in Tips panel in Rewards page. But, there is a proposal for Monthly statement feature implementation and it will be available in the future.

Please raise a feature request for Total history tips if you want, but this is going to be covered in Monthly Statement feature implementation I believe.


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