Tipping github users


I wanted to add a reply to this topic, but it was closed:

Also I suggested github tipping this on reddit and I realized I should have posted this suggestion here.

First of all, it would be nice to have a list of websites already in the roadmap, to avoid people suggesting “can you add tipping to this community, or this other website”.

In general, any community where people can register and publish useful content should be allowed to be rewarded with tips.

To “add a channel” for any community, I think the easiest could be to let the content creator publish a text (like a unique identifier) in his profile page. Only the content creator can edit his biography. f it was up to me to code this feature, I think I’d do it like this. for websites that don’t have a biography it can more tricky, but fist implement the easy solutions to make tipping available in many websites, then code more sophisticated solutions for the remaining “tricky” ones (edge cases).

The hard part of course now seems the integration in brave browser, but maybe it’s not that hard, I guess brave parses URLs and checks the username after a domain, in fact many websites have exactly this kind of structure: http|https://domain/username/article so if the username registered his profile in his channels, it should be easy to let people send a tip.

That said, looking forward to see support for github. There are many developers who put a LOT of effort sharing open source programs, write good documentation and get nothing in return, I think support for github should be a top priority.

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