Tipping control feature

Brave browser already has a method of knowing how long you stay on a site for their auto contribute features.
To prevent abuse of tipping

  1. A modified version of the code used for the auto contribute should be used
  2. The software should have a minimum time spent on a site before enabling tipping for that site.
  3. After minimum time spent not all tipping options should be made available until a certain milestone is achieved on that same site

Like 6hrs minimum to activate tipping with a minimum of 10 visit and 10 hrs to activate full tipping options.

I feel this will help reduce fraud.
I want to know who loves to stay 10 hrs to tip just 5 dollars. In 30 days they will just have 360usd if they operate 24/7.

How does this feel? @alex @mattches @chriscat @asad @eljuno @gsarvadnya


Cool idea – will run it past the team :slight_smile: Appreciate your help!

In order for the success 100% agree that anti self tipping measures need to be made to reduce this from happening.

Just running through a scenario…

User visits a website on his desktop but later visits the same website whilst travelling on his mobile/tablet… How would brave know that he has met the requirements?

User visits a website (learning course) let’s say its an hour training video such as sites like lynda… I might set up personal goal of once a week spend a hour. I should be able to tip the website.

I think way I would do it is look at brave browser (wallet indicator) tipping only the one site…

Also introduce a robust system where users are able to just earn BAT tokens for using the browser.

Food for thought in any case…

currently wallets are not synced and history but request have been made to make that possible. if history is synced and wallet the auto contribute will automatically be synced so my proposed system would work in that sense.

i hope it’s just ok, if we self tip esp if it’s you who viewed and click the ads Bec it’s hard to find people to tip you, and sometimes it’s not fair.