Tipping Banner not Showing [Glitch / BUG]

Tipping Banner is not showing in Brave Publisher Dashboard!

One of my friend has the same issue! Let us know if any other users has the same issue.

I’m whiling to share uncensored video with Brave Staff Team members.

@Mattches @steeven

Did your read this on top of your window in creators?
The referral program has started winding down on Nov 9, 2020. Please read our blog post for more details.

Maybe has something to do with this?


But it should not affect the tipping banner, it has nothing to do with the referral program!

First I though that message block might be causing layout issues but the “Add Channel” box has no layout issues neither it seems intentional.

It looks like layout glitch to me. "Add Channel’ has a small box with scroll layout which takes half screen only but Tipping Banner is a huge box so I think in this case the “Referral message” block might be causing issues.

Yes i see the same affect here with my account.
When i click on the almost invisible X my windows restores but i am not able to edit or see the tipping banner.
I guess this function is disabled since Nov 9th because it is not necessary anymore.

As of what I think tipping banner has nothing to do with the Referral program. It’s just a setting to set how many bats the users can tip and the brave publisher program is still alive (right?) or whole Brave Publisher thing is shutting down!!?

It seems a layout glitch to me and will/should be fixed.

I guess so. :frowning:
So why fix something which is not needed anymore. :nerd_face:

I want it! I wanted to change my new handler’s tipping banner to make it appeal more.

It will be fixed soon, I hope.

@Mattches @steeven @chriscat

Well the banner itself will be shown a usuall eg at YT. I just tried!

I just added a new yt channel today and the default Banner is not looking good to me.

Once it gets fixed I’ll set one global banner for all my handlers.

Is it true you are really KR$NA??

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i have the same issue

Thanks so much for reporting @nVikram! I’ve just send you a DM with you and our lead publishers developer to help troubleshoot.

The issue has been fixed, please lock/delete this thread.