Tipping banner cropped screen

Impossible to adjust settings for channels in tipping banner.
Screen is cropped, and can t see or interact with certain buttons, neither zoom-out is possible.

Android, Desktop site enabled.
Tested in Beta & Nightly as well.
@SaltyBanana i am tagging you, hoping someone else can confirm this issue.

P.S samsung tab.

Hi there @Michael-Alexander

Are you having this issue on mobile view as well?

Hey, thanks for reaching back, yes just tried again (tablet/phone on both Desktop site enabled/disabled, vertical/horizontal view).
Same as in first comment.
Zoom out is not working, and if i zoom in and try to swipe towards the zone but no result it seems cropped.

where can u find your “reff link”?

At the moment, the program ref link is disabled.

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