Tipping and privacy

When I tip someone, does Brave sees who/how much was tipped, or is it internally anonymized on the Creator platform?

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No one gets to know who tips who.

But it does detect if you try to tip yourself if that is what you are trying to ask… (Using some location based thing I think)

But in general if you tip a friend/youtuber, no one will get to know who tipped whom.

It doesn’t make any sense. If Brave doesn’t know who tips who on their platform, how can they send a tip go to the right person?

They will of course know whom you are tipping to, but they don’t store it anywhere since its of no use.
Neither will the the receiver know who tipped them nor the Browser will store that info.

Basically while sending money through PayPal, PayPal will know that you are sending money to a Specific Person in the same way Brave will know whom you are sending the BATs to, but the difference is that, PayPal will keep a log about it but Brave/Other Crypto Transaction won’t keep any logs.

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Source? They don’t even have backups in case something goes wrong?

Nope. Nothing actually went wrong until now.

Its similar to a Crypto transaction. Like in apps such as Binance, Coinbase, etc.
The thing is that they do keep a log of everything, but it is very encrypted and no one can actually decrypt it.

BTW why are you asking this anyways?

Hope this video explains it properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZXXDp0_R-w

Or see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYQgy8QDEBI
Since its better and explains even better @talgeeze

Wow, that’s a pretty huge red flag to rely on pure luck.

Mate watch the second video I sent. You will get exactly what I mean.

Except Brave Tipping doesn’t happen on chain, otherwise it would be in real-time and not once per month.

No, its actually happening on Chain.

If you go to brave.com/transparency you can see that they buy a lot of BATs during the first week of the month to be able to pay.

Not only that, if you go to uphold.com/dashboard, you can see that all the transactions are actually done in chain

No, BAT tips don’t happen on the live chain. I’ve tipped people several times in the past and transactions only happened on Uphold internal chain when creator rewards were paid, around the 12 of the month.
Also, Brave buying BAT has nothing to do with me tipping my already owned BAT.

Anyway, I got my answer: BRAVE knows everything about your tips. Love privacy.

BTW just asking, why were you asking about this?

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