Tipped not received

Sir one user tipped 5 BAT in my verified youtube channel.
But its more than 24 hours i haven’t received that token. And its not showing in my brave creators Dashboard.

Please kindly solve my problem. I have proofs too

Tips sometimes take up to one week to be reflected. If the wallet with the user tipped was not linked to uphold, sometimes is reflected at the end of the month.

In any case, lets hope an admin takes a look on this thread and help/clarify your issue.

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Thanks for information… Ya he haven’t completed his uphold kyc yet. So i will get my token after one month?

Is the most probable thing to happen. If by then you still have problems with that, well, just store some proofs and open a new thread explainig the situation. If you want to tag someone, steeven is one of the admins i have seen taking care of that type of issues

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