Tipped BAT not showing in Uphold wallet

my publisher verified websites are set to automatically convert tipped BAT to DGB. The DGB is showing in my publisher dashboard, but isn’t transferring to my Uphold wallet. I contacted Uphold support and they told me to contact Brave. Please help.

Hello @mattn73. You can put an attach to your message here seeing my attach:


Thank you. I added the screen shots. Do you have any idea why my tipped tokens aren’t showing in my verified and linked Uphold wallet?

Hi again @mattn73. There can be several reasons. First of all, because the date of payout from a publisher/creator account to an uphold wallet is 8 or 9 of every month. And as it is shown clearly at your screenshot the payout is being ready for the day of the pass.

But it wasn’t deposited last month into my Uphold wallet.

You had BAT at your published account from January and were not deposited at your uphold wallet the 8 or 9 February? Correct?

Hi @mattn73 - it looks like your set to receive your BAT as a part of the 8th settlement. The best course at the moment is to wait until then, and if you do not receive your payment, to update the thread here and we can then investigate.

Ok, thanks. I’ll wait for a few days to check it out.

Correct. My January BAT (which is set to auto convert to DGB) wasn’t deposited in February and my February DGB wasn’t deposited yet in March.

BAT I earned in my publishers account in December/January etc has still not found its way to my Uphold account, soooooo…

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