Tip sites visited, but not look at ads, some questions

I previously tried to sign up with Uphold, but their logon procedure seemed broken. I’m ready to try again.

My needs are significantly different from the model of rewards and BAT.

My model is that:

  • I put money into the system.
  • I reward or tip pages that I think deserve it. (If it goes into some pool and they never realise what specifically I’m tipping, I probably won’t tip that provider again.)

That’s the basics but there is more:

  1. I was disappointed by Uphold and their support. I was aware of Gemini coming along and see that it is supported, in some way though I think not for tipping yet. I find their fees high, but might prefer them to Uphold.
  2. I’ve done this sort of thing before on Blendle. I think that’s a good basic idea, but I find it hard to use and I can’t pre-filter content well enough or find articles that I want.
  3. I’m concerned that much of the talk I see is about watching adverts, and the BAT naming assumes that is the way to go. I’m not interested in watching adverts and find the conflation of tipping and watching adverts worrying. It makes me think that I may be unwanted in the system.
  4. There is an off chance that I might, one day, register as a publisher. If that were to happen I don’t want to be tied into choices that make this a bad idea.


  1. Can I put funds into tipping via Gemini? If not yet will that be coming?
  2. Are others doing this? If so is there a discussion area?
  3. At the moment I seem limited to Uphold to handle BAT payments, and maybe Gemini soon. Will there be other payment handlers in time? Any guesses about the detail?
  4. Does the system identify the specific URL tipped to the publisher?

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