TIP not reducing balance and not showing up


I am testing tipping a verified-contributor site I maintain, when i click TIP on the website and select amount and submit it displays the thank you message so looks like it has all worked but rewards balance does not reduce.
Nothing shows up in settings-summaries and nothing appears in contributor-account.



I believe the information on the Rewards page said that the tips will be applied on the next dispersal date–the 9th of February? The 7th? If that is the case, your balance won’t be affected until that date.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


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Hmm, ok but would have thought a record of the pending tip should show somewhere?
If I tick the ‘monthly’ tick box to make a recurring tip the pending tip DOES show up under Reward Settings (at the bottom of page).
Shouldn’t just adhoc tips show up as pending on the Rewards Setting page too?

From a users perspective it looks like its not working.


i have the same issue and i can cofirm you that when i did it last month it was working and when i was sending tips the amount was reduced from my balance… so there must be some bug at the moment i guess


Thanks Andre, good to know.

Another thing I noticed, if you change your tip options by customizing your tip banner the new amounts dont show when tipping.



Hi All -

There was a server side issue where tips funded by free BAT weren’t going thru. That was resolves yesterday. Your tips should start going thru again.

We do also have an issue logged to improve the tipping error flow so as to let users know when there is a server side issue that is preventing a tip from going thru. That issue can be followed here: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2453



Thanks Lauren,
Tested again just now and seems to be working better.
Balance reduces instantly & record shows in summary instantly.
One thing I did notice though, I tested tipping to two different sites (both verified contributors) and after allocating all 35 BAT, the monthly total only adds up 25?



Hey @dudester

Not sure if there was supposed to be a screenshot in your last post, but I don’t see one. Could you try attaching it again?



Yes my screenshot didnt seem to work when I tried to add it.



That’s weird @dudester

Could you post screenshots of:
A) Navigate to brave://rewards and grab a screenshot of the wallet summary panel on the right side
B) While still on brave://rewards click on the BAT logo and post a screenshot of the panel that displays

Wondering if those match up with this?



Going back into it now the totals are correct, there must just be a bit of a log updating that summary panel. All good


Great, thanks for reporting back @dudester!

We do have an issue logged for lag in updating - I’ll note that it affects the Tips panel as well: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2276

Going to close out this thread as I think all items are resolved. Thanks!