Tip button needs to go away without activating "feature"

I find it rather un-thought-through. I want to disable the tip button on social media coz why on earth would I want to tip anyone on social media, but I can’t do it without ACTIVATING the feature??? It’s technically active if I see the button.
My trust in this browser has gone significantly down.

Thank you for reaching out.
If you go to Settings --> Appearance, you’ll see the option to Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar. Toggle this option “off”, then relaunch the browser. The in-line/social media tip options will no longer appear. Note that if you do not relaunch the browser, you the tip icons will remain displayed.

@YH02061986 So Mattches kind of told you how to avoid, but now let me answer one of your questions.

why on earth would I want to tip anyone on social media

The answer is because they are content creators. People make and show videos on those places. Some social media has payment options but they are also based on ads. Such as with YouTube, the channel only gets paid if you watch the ad. So when we view our favorite channels using Brave and we block ads, we’re preventing them from earning money from our watching.

Obviously YouTube isn’t the only place. We also have wonderful people who make videos, have blogs, or even share inspirational quotes and memes that people like to follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and lots of other places. Being able to tip those individuals is a way to help them be able to continue offering content.

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