Tip Banner Issues


I have multiple sites registered in my Brave Rewards and am trying to set up the different tip banners for each.

I’ve been having the following issues:

1. Cover/background images not saving.
I’ve checked, and I am using small enough files. This needs to be more robust. See how Facebook handles image uploads for FB page cover images. You can pretty much throw any image at it, and FB just handles it without issue.

2. Wizard Keeps Closing Itself
I’m trying to set up 12 different tip banners, but the wizard keeps closing itself while I’m in the middle of edits.

3. Wizard Navigation
I have 12 sites under my account and want to set up tip banners for each. It’s a real hassle to try and navigate through them all to reach the one I want to edit. Would prefer a single page that lays out all my tip banners and lets me easily edit them all in one place.



I have the issue where the links in the tipping banner never saves no matter how many times I re-type the links.

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