Timer in URL redirect not counting down

Description of the issue: Timer in URL redirect not counting down
How can this issue be reproduced? It requires you click on an email link when you’re using mail.com accounts

Expected result: When you control-left-click on a URL in an email message from a mail.com account there is supposed to be a new tab that opens with a message saying you have chosen to leave mail.com and in 3 seconds you will be redirected to the new link. You do get the new tab but instead of a timer there is the following message:

You have to click on the Continue button to proceed, there is no counter.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.15.72

Additional Information: I have verified this functionality on Chromium, Vivaldi and FireFox. This is on a Dell laptop running Windows 10.

Anyone have thoughts?

2nd bump. Anything to recommend?

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