Tile view record for Brave Talk

Tile view for Brave Talk record.

I recorded a conference and 20 minutes into watching the recording scroll through all the participants, I had motion sickness. I really love Brave Talk and was all ready to close my Zoom account until this happened. I’m sorry Brave talk, but until you fix this, my podcast cannot use it.

@Thatdudeluke Umm, why didn’t you just switch over to the different views? You don’t have to have it set to what you did.

You can set it to where it shows ALL participants or you can have it where it only shows in big whoever is talking. Might be additional methods I’m not thinking of, but it’s there. Also, beyond just looking at the tiles, you can pull up a participants list which will just show a list of names on the right. The person talking always gets put up to the very top.

Can you switch the view in record? I know for the actual real time call you can put it on tile view and that is what I thought the recording view would be the same, but it isn’t and I can’t figure out how you can

@steeven I think I saw you on a moment ago. Since I’m not paying for Premium, don’t think I can experiment with this. Can you verify the answer here? Only thing I was going off of overall was how we have the Community Call recorded weekly, but I’m not sure if they are doing it in the same way @Thatdudeluke is or if we’re talking two different methods.