Ticket details when submitted

When we submit a ticket we receive an email confirmation with a ticket number but no other information. I have 8 tickets open for no BAT and flagged accounts (most being ignored) and I have to keep notes which is for which device and what the issue is.

In most cases organizations send you a copy of your submission with the details you entered. Why can’t you do that?

Not true. Want to see an example?

I have a lot of others just like that, with nothing provided. Heck, OpenAI didn’t even give me a ticket number or anything. Most tech places use the same exact system that Brave uses, which is Zendesk. When I’ve encountered any business using it, I haven’t had a copy of my report.

That said, I know retail stores and others might use some other programs. On those, I did have a CC of my initial report. It’s just how it’s processed. But to say most organizations send a copy of your submission doesn’t seem to be accurate. Though it may be understandable if you’re just assuming that based on your own personal experiences.

It might be something they can consider. Not sure of the options within it.

I contacted Bitrue last November and it sent me responses from the CSR which included my first submission and it says “This email is a service from Bitrue. Delivered by Zendesk” so looks like there’s different systems.

Anyway, rather than focus on how many companies use this feature my request is what’s most notable.