Thx Brave Team for scamming me hard

Hello Brave,

big thx for scamming me. I have 5 threads because my BAT’s are stuck on my Brave Browser Wallet since Sept. 2020… I’ve send 50 DM’s on @steeven because he needs 50 times the same informations…
And now all my BAT’s are lost… 256 BAT’s was stuck on my Brave Wallet and now I have only 12 BAT’s… And no, its not transferred on Uphold… Thank you guys for doing nothing and your none information policy…

I think you can’t do nothing again and can’t help me…

This is too much brother, I’m sure that 256BAT took so much time to earned and it just vanished in thin air? And the issue that the BAT not reflecting to uphold wallet is the old issue and has not been fix until now. I have BAT on my other device brave rewards also and its not reflecting to my uphold. This is what Steven told me

and that was what? 18 days ago. Is this some kind of joke?

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Hi @AlperOzer, please see my latest DM. Thank you.

Hi Steve, did the wallet linking fix kicked in? I’m yet to receive the BAT from Brave Rewards on my other device.

Hi @arcturusvoid, just sent you a DM. Thanks.