Thumbnails say they are deleted but they are not


Can you share a short screen recording of the behavior when you try and hit the pin/‘x’ button on the tiles?
LICEcap works well for this.


I rebooted this computer because I thought LICEcap was not working properly. It was then I noticed that the number of thumbnails on the New Tab page. I then was able to remove the remaining ones. I am wondering if this issue is related to Hibernation since this computer is normally placed in Windows10 Hibernation rather than using shutdown option. Now I have to wait and see if the shortcuts start showing up.


@ fedup Sorry to hear that this still is not clearing up. Just for reference I am on Ubuntu/Linux and ver 56.15. I have been poking around as to why Tiles rarely show on my NTP. Here are some of my observations. After sriram explained some things on this thread I repeatedly opened NTP / unpinned +deleted tiles / until No tiles reappeared. This process included deleting history before and after. As noted earlier in this thread only occasionally will a new tile populate the NTP. One thing I noted is that browsing any bookmarks will not set any tiles again. However if I do a search , click on a external link from a bookmark , or go to a new site a tile will set on the new tab page. I did set a tile today from a link in this forum , here are some screenshots for reference.

Do not know if this shed any light on this subject , but as long as I stay on bookmarked links ( previously deleted) my tiles do not repopulate. :sunglasses:


How does Brave determine what websites show up on the New Tab page? I have not seen any sites that I frequent showing up on the new tab page especially on the Win10 where I cleared the browsing history and cache. On the Win7 system only the browser cache was clear yet the New Tab page still only shows 2 sites out of the many that I have visited.


Same here I see nothing showing up here on New Tab page a week after fixing the broken icon issue


I think the toptiles are generated based on the frequency of visits to the site and on the Alexa ranking for that domain(not 100% sure about the ranking part i’ll have to confirm that) . Not sure if the site’s SEO(search engine optimisation) plays any part in it.

I think the new tab page is going to get an overhaul pretty soon so the thumbnails behaviour will be changed

This issue captured here has the details of what all customisation will happen on NTP