Thumbnails say they are deleted but they are not


I have version 0.57.6 Chromium: 71.0.3578.31 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) installed on Win7 x64 and Win10 Pro x64. When I delete thumbnails / shortcuts off the new tab page the shortcuts disappear like they should. On the Windows10 install I can click on the X to delete a thumbnail and I see the message popping up saying it was deleted yet the thumbnail remains on the new tab page i.e. nothing changes.


Thumbnails keep populating based on your browsing history. When you remove one it is indeed removed and in place of that another one pops in from history. You should be able to clear the browsing history you should be able to get rid of all thumbnails on new tab.

Hope this helps


Well on the problem machine, the Win10 box I click on the X and none of the icons change or shift at all. They just stay the same. I will try clearing the browsing history but I usually do not prefer to do that normally.



clearing the browsing history results in that and none of them are deletable


Hello fedup just wanted to say I didn’t care for the bookmarks either . I run Ubuntu / Linux and removed them without any problems. Then I poked around and changed settings / deleted history and other things. I am not sure what I did but now they don’t set at all. Will try to duplicate this on my second desktop and get back to you, as you would seem to prefer this behavior. Running 56.15 Release.


@fedup, new tab page definitely needs a lot of work. I’ve been pushing the feature (internally) whenever I can.

@kbounds56, do no thumbnails appear even after browsing?


Correct, will try to figure out the difference by comparing setting’s on second desktop. My counts / stat also don’t seem to be going up . Edit correct thumbnails not appearing after browsing.


Got it, thanks. I bet @sriram will have something useful to say about this.


Opened the folders on my toolbar by right click and choosing (open all). Navigated each site a little. Opened and closed new tab pages , no thumbnails appeared. Closed browser and was away for awhile. When I reopened Brave had 2 thumbnails (Linux Today & Safelink ) out of 20+ tabs that had been opened. Opened new tab to take screenshot and only LinuxToday was there.

Now appears to be placing thumbnails as I opened a bookmarked Duckduckgo page and it shows.

Cannot explain what happened to the missing Safelink thumbnail as I deleted nothing. Will continue poking around.


Excellent detective work as usual!
Are you pinning the tiles to the NTP (using the tack icon that appears on-hover over the tile)?


No I am not pinning the tiles to the NTP.


Hmm. Try pinning them (or at least one) and see if it sticks.


Had already started this before your message about pinning. @mattches Hope there are some clues in this.

This is what I was looking at when I started.

Then / delete DDG / dialog box opens / select -restore / seeing this

next / deleted 6 tiles / dialog box / selected - restore / seeing

next deleted 4 tiles / dialog box / select - undo / seeing this

next / dialog box / select restore / got this ( same 6 tiles as in 5:40 screenshot )

next / NPT / history / clear browser data / advanced / checked first 3 options / delete
next / bleachbit (sudo) / all options except free disc space
next / bleachbit (no sudo) / all options except free disc space
next / reboot / got 6:23 screenshot with 1 tile of Brave Web Store /
I have only browsed web store twice ? days or week ago.

Have used Bleachbit for years sometimes on weekly basis ( all options except free disc space) and have noticed the system / cache / takes longer - seems larger since moving to Release 56.15. Brave seems to scroll by for a while. Here is 1 screenshot as it scrolled.

Have pinned Brave Web Store to NTP.


@fedup If you are still clearing cache and seeing tiles you can navigate to brave://ntp-tiles-internals/ this will show which sites are using being shown. Ideally it should be empty.

Also if you visit brave://thumbnails it should only show the CWS thumbnail after you have cleared cache. Just to be sure you are deleting cookie and site data from the clear browsing history popup correct?

@kbounds56 great work on trying to narrow down. Few things to note with the toptiles,

  • Lets says you visit YT and play 10 videos along with 5 other sites, you will see 6 toptiles for each of them.
  • Every time you remove a YT tile it still keeps the YT tile until you remove all 10
  • The problematic part is it just uses the same tile icon for any link for that domain. So its confusing because you think you removed YT but the tile still shows up. What you are actually doing is just removing a direct link to a specific video that you played and it just uses the same site icon for all links making it hard to distinguish.

Hope this helps. New tab top tiles needs to be changed as well this is a carryover from the muon version. The design team is working on making the experience better.


Thanks @sriram navigated to

as you described to @fedup and read your explanation to me . Tried a few things and resulting behavior is as explained. Its a nonissue for me. I am sure the experience will improve in the future.


@sriam All I was clearing was cache and browsing history. Once the histrory was cleared that was when the icons started showing the paper icon in the thumbnail. Before it was a graphic of the site and the thumbnails did not disappear or even shift/ change. I never clear cookies since they maintain where I am on various websites as keeping me logged into sites.


What site does it point to? the paper icon thumbnails


After updating Brave Version 0.57.8 Chromium: 71.0.3578.53 (Official Build) beta (64-bit), clearing cache and browsing history that is the NTP-Tiles-Internals

That is the URLS

All of the icons are still pointing to their respective correct sites even after “deleting” them.

That is the new tab page still. Nothing changed.


Well that is interesting to see them not getting removed. If you remove these one (paper icon thumbnails) do they come back? The last two should remain even after you delete cache because you have pinned them. Do you have those sites which show up thumbnails bookmarked by any chance?


There is something really screwed up with the Brave Browser under Windows10 1809. Those thumbnails with the pinned icon are not ones that I have pinned and the pin can not be toggled on or off. I can not delete any of them. Now I have 4 pinned shortcuts all to the same site. The new tab has become utterly useless to me on Windows10. Even deleting Cache and Browsing history does nothing