THREE.WebGLRenderer: highp not supported, using lowp instead (v2)

Hi there,

There was an issue related to THREE.js — Im trying to figure out if this is something that should be brought up here, or with them.
THREE.WebGLRenderer: highp not supported, using lowp instead.

There was a post in February about this same problem, but they never followed up to the response they got:

My answer to their question (an example of the bug) is here:

The image is supposed to be of a Minecraft player. It can be seen in all other browsers that I have tested. I would guess that either Brave is supposed to have some sort of device support indicator, OR Three.js is failing to detect that it is executing within a chromium browser.


Thanks for your patience here @enderdev. Is this still an issue?

Hi @steeven ,

Yes, a recent and live example can be found here:

If you open the link in other browsers, it renders as expected.


Tested here, working fine. Does it open in Chrome? Would also test in a clean Brave profile

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