THREAD: "BAT payout significantly less than estimated earnings" issue

I sent the information. @Mattches

submit the ticket and I sent you a PM

I’ve sent the information

Sent reply per your request above. Thanks!

I’ve sent the information

The actual bug involved in this issue has actually been fixed already and was pushed in the update to v1.40.x:

The reason the issue appears to still be ongoing is likely due to to the amount of time required for the browser to process any payment tokens “stuck” in the browser. While it will vary for each individual user based on the amount of tokens that need to be processed and how long their browser has been running (among other factors), this issue will (for users who have updated the latest build) resolve itself without any further action required.

Some of you will have already updated to v1.40.x on the 21st and have already had everything process and should be “caught up” for this current payout and will see everything deposited correctly once this payout is fully processed. If you have not received your full payment by the end of this current payment process, that means the browser may have submitted tokens after the monthly cutoff and would appear in your August payout period.

Our best steps to take for anyone who’s encountering this are as followed:

  1. Ensure you’re using the latest version of the browser — v1.40.113 at the time of writing this.
  2. Once fully updated, please leave the browser open/running as long as you reasonable can (whether you’re actively using it or not) in order to give the browser as much time as possible to process everything.

This can’t be true. I use my browser whole day for my various works. And my browser is always up to date . I keep checking oftenly. on my pc brave updates automatically. then how come my processing shows 0.095 bat processing. I dont close my brave window after i open it every morning. Do you think keeping on my browser will solve the problem now? @Mattches . I will try to keep my browser open for moretime than i keep usually but i dont think that was the reason for my low payout.


So after all of this, with mounds of evidence to prove otherwise, Brave’s official response is;

“Trust me bro, we’ve already fixed this. Just keep using our product more than you already do, and it might even work next time. 5th month is the charm!”


Yeah, something else seems to be going on. Just because they didn’t find the bug doesn’t mean there isn’t (another) one. It seems there are too many people that run their browsers 24/7 and keep it updated that are getting low payouts. Maybe the “arriving” amount is incorrect and it will be much more when the payout happens. I guess we’ll see.

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You are right. I dont think this issue is solved. Next month again this same will happen. Brave wasn’t like this before. Everything was fine and good.


How do I update without losing the accumulated and unpaid tokens? I’m scared to update and lose them all

Updating the browser will not cause you to lose any tokens/estimated earnings. Un/reinstalling the browser will, reformatting your computer will, etc. But simply updating will have no effect.

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My browser on 7am -11pm 7day/week. I also don’t think that running more time browser will help

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@Mattches why are not replying?


If you don’t want to believe the developers who made, monitor and update the very system you’re using then that’s your call. :slight_smile:

If you leave your browser open that much normally, then the comment about making sure you leave your browser on does not apply to you and maybe you have nothing to worry about. Regardless, the statement stands — these are the only steps that anyone needs to take at this time.

We’ve gone through several user logs submitted — I’ve gone through about 50 myself personally — of which 99% of them revealed that the processing described in the update to this thread was occurring and was the reason the numbers were off. If we discover any additional issues or have new steps for users, I will be sure to update this thread.

Until then, please ensure your browser is fully updated, use your browser normally, keep it open as long as you reasonably can (for those of you who often close the browser when done), and wait for the payment process to complete.

Thank you.


@Mattches if 16hours a day is not enough I’ll try keep it open 48h. on Jul 31- Aug 1. Let see if it works.

That makes sense; cuz I really was only expecting the amount its’ reflecting, which is 2.47 BAT. But thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

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My case id: 7e77329e-f1b8-4144-bbe0-474a2cec8a70

It doesn’t really make sense, does it? You can only get max 10 (+ new tab ads) an hour and in order to get those ten ads you have to actually be using the browser for an hour. Is the Brave reconciliation system not capable of reconciling 10 ads an hour? At the very least people should be getting what they earned in June. Sure, the rolled over bat will take extra time, but people aren’t even getting what they earned in June.

EDIT: At least according to the “arriving amount” shown. Maybe what people actually get will be closer to their actual earnings for June + some of the rolled over amount. We’ll see.

Off-topic Response to Off-topic Post. Apologies but really liked this suggestion!

+1 from me! I think any controversial feature implementation or change (and I’m sure dev knows which ones these are :wink:) could be posted whether Brave actually needs feedback or not. Could create a new Discussion sub-category in Misc for this. :grin:

Example of a controversial topic that could be posted:

Enable Brave Shields v1 no longer available in Nightly.

This is a good example as it isn’t currently available. Now, is this a glitch? A permanent change to be implemented in all versions? Why!? :wink:

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