THREAD: "BAT payout significantly less than estimated earnings" issue

Hi @Mattches,
It’s done. (I sent your a PM)
Already 3 months for me.

Off topic but @Mattches I have a suggestion -

This type of pinned topics can be created when Brave pushes a new feature in Nightly and require some feedback from users. Like, “we pushed this and this update in latest Nightly v1.XX.YY. Let us know what do you think.” And users can discuss among themselves how to utilise that feature (especially on Brave wallet) or spot new features and give feedbacks/suggestions.

Also where users can create a discussion thread (not support request) and spot things like “Nightly Ads issue” especially now when Ads/Rewards infrastructure is evolving and share case number of uploaded logs if asked.

Although we are already doing that here and there but a dedicated place would be nice probably.


I’ve sent my information. Thank you

I sent the information.


O sea que os equivocais vosotros y tenemos que hacer todo eso los demas. Llevais tiempo diciendo que ya esta casi resuelto, que bla, bla, bla … igual lo idoneo es no fiarse de vosotros. No pienso enviaros nada, resolverlo vosotros, que ya me teneis aburrido.

LOW BAT PAYOUT:CASE NUMBER : 97945120-d479-4c1d-be03-03dbe82fa0bc

I have sent the information @Mattches


Just submitted my logs. My case number is: 31f741a8-5fef-4c6d-9605-1bac1727eac6.

Forecasted to be sent .11 BAT next week while 8.5+ BAT remains in the reward balance. Experienced large rollovers in May and now in June. I appreciate you working on this for so many users.

Thank you very much for your time and attention!


@Mattches …Still having the Low BAT Payout issue, have sent the logs. Case number is 5f311971-234c-4aa1-b9ab-73ee2ab7414e.

Screenshot from 2022-07-03 21-08-49

Thanks :slight_smile:

@Mattches thank you for this thread. Sent you my information via private message.

I stopped getting ads to see 2 months ago, so I can’t watch/earn anything!

Sent in Android 12 and Windows 10 logs

i’ve the same issue

@Mattches …Still having the Low BAT Payout issue, have sent the logs. Case number is 79ba14ae-3fbb-4443-b676-b51ce9a7ea78

@Mattches I’ve sent the info.

I have sent the information @Mattches

I sent the information. @Mattches
case number: 3b6101ec-84d1-4aef-abef-955fbc0d169c

I sent the information. @Mattches

I’ve sent the information, thank you.
Case number:

I have sent the information @Mattches