This Wallet will be discontinued soon

“This Wallet will be discontinued soon” what’s that mean?

I also see it when I access Uphold account, but it disappears immediately. I assumed it could be a glitch in their system.

I found this post

Uphold is changing design. The old webinterface will soon not be available anymore. There should be a button somewhere on uphold that says “try new uphold” or something similar to it. So you can get to the new one. Your wallet is safe.
Once it is not available anymore, it will just automatically change to the new one. You practically dont have to do anything. Nothing in your portfolio will be lost.

It will just look like this

You are still using the classic version that is why it is saying that. Switch to the newer version which is,

I always used the ‘new framework’ never knew the old one even existed, been using uphold for like 6 months or more.

Dont worry about it then :wink:

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