This type of file may harm your computer Warning when Downloading DMG

Whenever I download DMG files the warning "This type of file may harm your computer."
will appear having me to manually click on ‘keep’ to finish my task.

Turning off ‘safe browsing’ does not fix this problem. And I do not wish to turn on ‘ask download location each time’.

It’s easily reproduced even by downloading the beta version of brave browser from the official site. I mean What?? right, you are telling me the app thinks that files from brave website is unsafe for my computer?

Please remove this warning, it’s really becoming a deal breaker for many of us users.

I’m using,
Brave Mac version [Version 1.32.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (arm64)]
on a M1 iMac (ver 12.0.1, Monterey OS).

Thank you, we can’t wait for this to be fixed.

I dunno, all I was able to find is the workaround you said you don’t want.

Some more detailed discussion here:

If people are complaining about it on Chrome also then my guess is that it’s inherited from upstream Chromium.

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