"This page has been blocked by Brave without asking you, peon"

I have disabled everything I could find in the browser’s security settings, but it really wants to be my nanny from time to time. It flatly refuses to open some links. I have a couple of extensions that already warn me about potentially problematic sites from their lists, like AdBlock, and those always come true - I am flooded with spam if I go there. But I still have the option to go. What Brave’s reasons for blocking this or that are I don’t care to guess. My own motive for switching to this otherwise unattractive browser was to go around Google’s varied nannying. How do I make it so these messages never appear?

@temnix nobody can answer since you didn’t provide any information at all. I’ve never known any page to be denied by Brave. So why don’t you tell us:

  1. What is the exact error/notification you’re seeing?
  2. What are the URL of the sites you’re trying to visit?
  3. What version of Brave are you using?
  4. What version of Windows are you using?
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