This is regarding the bat token puzzle

sept 09- i have been using brave from the past 3 months. at 8th september i recieved my brave tokens for which you have to verify first by solving a puzzle.
the problem is no matter how many times i solve the puzzle it says not quite human and continues with the puzzle.
please look into this issue as i know brave is too good

I have the same issue with brave. I tried two many times but it still says “hmm, not quite”.

I used this method.

The method is:
Step 1 - In the windows search bar write “change the resolution of display” and click on it.
Step 2 - In the display resolutions select a lower resolution than the current resolution.
Step 3 - Your “change the size of text” should be at 125%.
Step 4 - Now, try it. Boom you get the rewards.

Note - This method worked for me and I hope it worked for you also.
Comment if you have any issues.

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