This is getting annyoing!

THis is gettings very annoying for over 4-5 hours now i have not been reciving 0.010 bat for every ad that i go through the ad comes up on the start page but dont get rewarded…

Its been like this since i joined somedays its like this other days it works with a charm WHY is it like this. are you guys cheating us? like u just reward only half of what we actually see in ads? ughh…

for ads in the start page here are some rules
1)there is a limit 4 per hours no matter how much you saw it during that hour it will count only the first 4
2) there another limit 20 per day

  1. not cause you see it it will count if the advertiser does not include your country then it will never count

check this to know which ads and it’s type for your country

hope that help and have a nice day

It’s good that you found out you are cheated. Now you can quit.

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