This is about how the "team" seems to getting further from their goal


Good Bye, I’ve got to go. I’m trying to trade coins and your costing me more of them everyday. I need a brave config. The refresh settings are a mess, the token program has everyone standing around looking up in the air all confused trying to figure out where they are, are they getting any,what happen to theirs, why their balance is negative and support gives conflicting answers to all of them. Meanwhile that triangle keeps telling you come get the coins that aren’t there! Just getting here was a pain. Ended up in forum with no clear choice as to how to get out. I got lucky going with “how can I help”. Plus I was required to log in even though I’m already logged in. Irritating and redundant. I’m not going to go over every issue as I’m old and don’t have that much time left. Let’s just say the list gets longer every day.
Who’s running that crew cause they suck at it. Get someone in there that knows what they are doing and can build up teamwork & communication. If you can’t get everyone on the same page you may as well pull the plug.
I’ve been here since the start. I didn’t have any issues then. I’ll check back in say 6 months to see how it’s going. (My confidence in the browser is so low I’m going to copy this before I submit it feeling the odds of it going thru are 50/50)
Rob H


I agree. I just found Brave. Installed both the stable and BETA. I’ve been Google Chrome forever, also have installed Opera, Firefox, and Edge. So far I’ve only installed a few of the extensions I normal run. Brave already manages the blockers. Thank you of a great browser.


you can think how you want. also no all understand here, little things which no give relax me but i no see other way for internet now which better this. and who know what be more, maybe many pure peoples begin have little moneys for eat if brave do it if full support this idea but if is only commercial project i dont support this because more all this no be better. i think major is idea if no idea but hove only moneys is shit busnies and only.