This is about Brave's customer inclusion

So I saw you guys are doing a survey and I decided to take part, then I saw this :point_down:

Honestly I’m disappointed :frowning:. For what it’s worth I think the survey shouldn’t be for USA customers only. It’s suppose to be for all customers in every part of the world. I really don’t understand how data collected from “a USA customers only” can help improve the browser, because it’s not only “USA customers” that use brave browser, we do to in this part of the world.

This all I am saying, please make your surveys general so we that are not “a USA customer only” can participate. We too can contribute to growth and development of the browser.

And, if you proceed saying you are from US, they will inform you that they will ask some private information, then they inform you that the survey takes about 1 hour, and then they tell you that it is a video talk. This is the point when you give up and realise that this is not a Brave survey but just a marketing campaign.



I just hope they make good changes and be straight up honest in the way they do things in relationships with their customers

:grin:… Guess again. I am not swedish

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