This error keeps happening I the metamask becomes unusable

I do not know what this error means but what I know is it prevemnts me using mnetamask. I have to reset the browser to make it work. Please assist
Thank you

‘get’ on proxy: property ‘request’ is a read-only and non-configurable data property on the proxy target but the proxy did not return its actual value (expected ‘function () { [native code] }’ but got ‘function () { [native code] }’)

@Kisoie I’d highly recommend you contact Metamask directly on this issue to see if they might offer you some better assistance. I’m making this suggestion as it’s not necessarily Brave or Brave Wallet that you’re experiencing issues. Generally developers or support team of the app will have more info and better capabilities to recognize issues and find solutions.

Hi the Saoiary,
I understand that but how come it works after I reset the brave settings to default settings. I have been using brave for several years now and never had any issues with it and metamask, it just started recently and I already reset the settings 3 times. Yes of course I will contact meta mask support as well
Thank you

Well, if you’re changing anything after and it breaks, then it’s because you’re changing whichever setting. But if it just suddenly breaks without anything changing, then it makes it seem like you have something else going on.

Otherwise I’m assuming a server or code related issue. I’m not even going to pretend to be knowledgeable of it general. But I can at least share what AI is saying:

So will essentially just come down to them trying to figure out what’s going on.

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