This Doesn't Seem Privacy Orientated?


Precisely how and why is my exact location information being logged by this site (preferences), when I have blocked my location by default in the Brave browser settings?

Hello @J0N

what is the site and they could get that from your ip address unless you use vpn

@justsomeone1 I think he’s talking about this site (Brave Community)

and yes I have the same question how and why this site know’s the exact location despite of location being turned off.

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Thanks for replying. As said it is this website, community[dot]brave[dot]com, and is displayed in my account preferences with other info. Which means it is being logged by ‘this’ site even though I have location turned off by default.

I’m hoping someone from the Brave team will answer my question in some detail…

thanks @nVikram @J0N

the location come from your ip address which any site service has knowledge about it

go check this site

it will show you the isp and country

and this site

to get even more presice location it all based on your ip

the only way to hide that from anysite is using vpn or tor

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and to be honost i do not know what block location do as i see the ip can revel so much

let me dive into that and see what i can get

Thanks, I think I understand your meaning. I’ve used VPNs both for work and privately for many years, and know how to protect my IP address.

However not in a very long time has my actual location shown in any browser/website, and that’s without protecting my IP with VPN etc. Using only Firefox/uBlock Origin (custom settings), when I went to order pizza one or two nights ago I had to input my location and post code manually as it was not recognised. Given this has been the norm, my thinking is if I have location set to off by default then while sites can log my IP, they do not use in this way? I’m no SuperUser, only interested in why this seems different with Brave which I’ve been trialling for less than 24hrs.

you welcome @J0N

i could understand the location setting for mobile browser as mobile has gps which can give the exact location

but for desktop/laptop not sure what disable location would do

so let me ask @Mattches what disable location here ‘brave://settings/content/location’ do

is that you question @J0N or i miss something else

and have a nice day all of you

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I’d like to know how and why this is the case using Brave browser visiting Brave Community (being this has not been my experience otherwise)?


if you mean this one
Recently Used Devices in the preferences

it let you know the device that you used to login and loction so if you go there and find anything not related to you then you would know that someone get accress to your profile

so it security feature

Yes Recently Used Devices.

I don’t consider this a bon fide security feature. Only a matter of privacy.


Perhaps I’m confused here – what/where exactly are you seeing that the site is logging/knows your IP? Additionally, are you using a VPN when you see this?

As for

:point_up: This is simply grant (or blocking) site(s) permission to automatically detect your location. Setting it to Ask means that any site that wants to know your location for whatever reason will be required to ask for permission to do it before hand. If you Allow it, your location will be detected/known by the site (assuming no VPNs/proxies/other ways to spoof location). Selecting Block will block the site from detecting your location.

So yes, selecting Block should block Community from knowing your IP – that said, was there ever a time in which it was allowed?

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In Preferences > Recently Used Devices, it shows my home town. I set location to disallowed before using the browser on any site. I do not use VPN on this site.

let us divide it to 2 area for the mobile version i could understand what disable location as mobile has gps which can bring very accurate location to the site asking for it

but that not the case in desktop/laptop as my humble understanding no one can block site or service from knowing user ip unless using vpn/proxy

try this site and you will see you ip

and as you know from ip you can get many info like country and city/state in some case and even certain area in the city/state depend on the way that country do

so i am still not sure what disable location do in desktop/laptop

i could imagine the following way but that for google not brave that google check the ip then if there a mobile connected to the internet with same ip then it will make that location same as mobile location so you can say it use option like gps in phone to get the data to the one on the desktop so in that case i could understand disabe location but i do not think brave do that way

so i see location is very confusing and sorry for long comment

So I think there’s some confusion around what should and shouldn’t blocked when toggling Location services on/off in the browser and the subsequent results you get from sites.

Turning off Location services on the browser level does exactly that – if there is a feature of the site you’re on that requires access to and/or knowledge of your location and you’ve blocked access to it, the site cannot use the feature or, at minimum, won’t be able to use it properly.

However, the information you’re referencing in reply I quoted above is not using a “location service”. It is simply looking at your connection which carries along with it your IP address. As @justsomeone1 mentions, there are many sites you can visit that, with or without Location access permissions enabled, will be able to tell you your IP. However, lets say you logout and either open a Private window w/tor, or enable your VPN, then come back to Community. When you login, it will look at your connection, find an IP and very likely display it in Preferences --> Recently used devices. However, in this case, it should display a different IP and/or different location (assuming your VPN/connection is setup and routing properly). Since you don’t use a VPN or any other masking techniques, you see your actual IP in the menu.

Hope this helps.

now i got what mean location would disable from the browser point of view

it mean block those kind of api

of course that does not block site from knowing the ip and the related info that can be get from that ip

thanks @Mattches

and have a nice day everyone


However, the information you’re referencing in reply I quoted above is not using a “location service”.

So as per my original question, what precisely it it using? Some kind of enumeration/fingerprinting/other???

any site/online service know the ip of the client connect to it that how the internet work
your ip is like your address the postman use to know where they send the letters or package to you

so the ip is working on the very lower layer that the browser work so that only way is using tor/vpn/proxy in that time the site/service will see you as if you connected to them from the ip of the vpn/proxy/tor ip

try to use vpn then go to one of the sites i mention above about the ip then you will see site say that your ip is something else than your actual one which will be the ip of the server of vpn/proxy/tor

and as you will notice those sites i mention give you more details not just the ip cause ip’s spread in the world with some rule like the group of ip who start with x are from certain country and group start with y are from another country and so on even it can bring the state/city you from and your isp and more details can be reviled by the ip cause it how the ip work

the data from the setting you see come from that part nothing related to the disable location

if you have some knowledge about js the above link would help you know what the location offer to the site in case if it allowed

hope that clear it and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I already understand what you have written in this thread about IPs. And I use lookups and leak testing regularly.

With or without VPN, I have not had this scenario where my local town+operating system is displayed like this for as long as I can remember. I just used lookup whatismyipaddress
[dot]com and it does not show both of these like this site does.

I’m trying to drill down on this to ensure I have not omitted any protections, or otherwise. Did I miss something in setting up Brave browser. Do any of my security/privacy layers need attention. What’s different with this site compared to others, which would like to display more location info but have to make do with ‘London’ only.

Thank you for helping. :smiley:

You did not miss anything. On my end, I see the exact same thing and I’m not worried about it at all. You are protected and not at risk at this time (with respect to his issue we’re discussing, at least).

If you want to test this, one thing you can try is logging out of Community, then turn on and connect to your VPN, login to Community, then observe the Recently used devices page again – you should see the IP that your VPN is routing you through.

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