Third-party cookies won't stay enabled (Android)


Brave for Android, v1.0.42 (latest from Play Store). Turning on third-party cookies enables it for the current session only. If you exit the browser and re-launch it, the third-party cookies are disabled again.

Too many sites break with third-party cookies disabled so this makes Brave a good deal less useful to me than it could be.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Launch Brave for Android
  2. Menu > Settings > Site Settings > Cookies
  3. Turn on “Allow third-party cookies” checkbox.
  4. Back, Back, Back
  5. Menu > Exit
  6. Launch Brave again and go back into the Cookies screen (i.e., repeat steps 1-2)
  7. Note “Allow third-party cookies” checkbox is off.


Hi @kindall

Thanks for the great write up and steps! I have reproduced this issue and logged an item for it. You can track the progress here:

Thanks for reporting!


Glad to help, Lauren!


I see this is fixed in yesterday’s update. Thanks!


Thanks for checking that out @kindall! Going to close this thread for now. Please open up new ones for other issues, questions, suggestions.


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