Things that make you go Hmmmmm

I often click on the Brave pop-up adds on my Laptop.

I figure, “hey, I can help out Brave by clicking on their paid advertisers. And maybe I’ll find something of interest.” It often works for the Advertisers and I spend more time than intended on their site. Hook, Line, and Sinker

And I usually try to do the Surveys for Brave as well. Help Brave, Receive a little BAT, Win Win!

I’ve noticed a significant drop-off in number of adds per hour of late, and apparently the rewards for clicking on the Brave Surveys. The latest Survey from today was on Gaming PCs - something of not much interest to me.

And my reward you ask? .002 BAT. Yes, that was a 0.002 BAT, with a leading “0”. For a 5 minute survey. That’s not even 1/10th of 1 cent (USD).

Convert that to an hourly pay rate and I’d bet that 1 and 1/2 cents/hour would even leave a staunch conservative fuming, much less all the liberal “raise the minimum wage to $20/hour” types.

But who am I to complain? It’s free money, right? Oh well, Live and Learn.

I think The Who said it best: “Won’t Get Fooled Again…”

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Your’re not getting paid for clicking their links or being on their website.

Blockquote In the initial Brave Ads release, users receive BAT for viewing the ad notifications. In future releases, users will be able to earn additional rewards for engagement events within the ad tabs. Brave does not reward users for clicking on the notifications. Brave’s position is that users should only click on ads that they have a genuine interest in engaging with.

Unfortunately, this is not a job.
Anyway, if it would be possible for everybody to earn $20/hour by clicking some ads on the couch
Streets would be empty :thinking:

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