They say gemeni dont work in my country

Hi! I have brave on 4 different cpu but i have the same origin on everyone of those. But one of those cant “verifie” to gemeni but all the 3 others does so can anyone help me with that?

I have most bat on that one also so i would like to have all of those now.

@sonnyeriksson Currently only the United States is supported at this time, in terms of connecting Rewards to Gemini. (exception is for those who have long been connected with existing browsers on devices, but no new connections can be made)

You can see list of supported countries for linking Rewards at

@sonnyeriksson maybe try to go back use uphold , the other wallet profile ,once you are done go back to your gemeni account and tip your uphold with your bat

You have to set up with uphold if gemeni don’t work in your country

@sonnyeriksson you have to make your account uphold

Well that aint true. Because on the other computers ihave gemeni connected from norway. How come those works and not the last one?

Den lör 21 jan. 2023 04:40Stephen Ray via Brave Community <> skrev:


i cant connect to my uphold account! says my country dont accept but it does. (norway)
can you help me with that? i have like 8 bat i dont want to loose on that cpu

Could you share which specific message you’re getting? I want to make sure not to make any incorrect assumptions. If you can provide more details, it will help me to better provide an answer.

Also, one extra question which may be related. When you created your Uphold account, did you use your passport from Norway or did you use something from a different country?


It says "error: thr countries do not match, hmm it looks like your brave rewards country doesnt match the uphold account youre trying to connect.

Well i live in Norway but use my Swedish passport because il from sweden but i live in norway. But for like a year ago i could use uphold on this cpu

Den tors 26 jan. 2023 00:05Stephen Ray via Brave Community <> skrev:

@sonnyeriksson Okay, here’s the deal. The one you’re getting means that the country you chose for Rewards (Norway) does not match with the country you Verified with in Uphold (Sweden). You have two options to choose from.

Option 1
Update your Uphold passport or photo ID to be one for Norway, so it can match the country you chose for Rewards. Once this is done, you’ll be able to link to Uphold.

Option 2
Reset your Rewards and then choose Sweden as your country, since this is the ID you used for Uphold. In doing this, you’ll lose any vBAT in your browser and still be starting new. If you go this route, you need to go to SettingsBrave RewardsManage Brave Rewards (depending on version might just say Manage) → Reset.

Unfortunately, those are the only two options available.

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Been talking to uphold now but they say they cant help me. They ask if you guys could not just update it to sweden instead of Norway.

Den tors 26 jan. 2023 00:31Stephen Ray via Brave Community <> skrev:

As 340,000 Gemini Earn users still wait for their money( $900 million) that now bankrupt Crypto Lender Genisis still owns them, and the news that the US securities and exchange commission just filed charges against Gemini and Genisis because they offered unregistered securities in the Gemini earn program, I doubt that Gemini will work anywhere at all in the near future

@sonnyeriksson No, Brave can’t change it for you. You either have to update with Uphold or Reset your Rewards and then update it yourself. That’s the only options at this time.

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