They haven't paid me!

They haven’t paid me yet! I want my payment :frowning: I’ve been waiting for my payment for 2 months, p) I have been like this for 2 months and I have not been paid for those bats and they are approved 1 !!! @Asad

Hey MALG, did you get your payout? We did a secondary payout for a few select publishers who didn’t get paid out due to an error on our end.

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I don’t know why they didn’t pay me that if that is more than approved thanks to the appeal they accepted

That sucks. Hopefully we will be helped. These guys are really helpful and may be working on other requirements before they resolves our issue. My bats are missing as well. We should get extra bats for our efforts.

So they won’t solve my problem? @Asad Sorry to say so but this is hopeless I hope you understand me it’s been 2 months and counting this month when I finish is 3 I want my payment: / @sriram

@MALG your screenshots contains your email address. You may want to remove those.

thank you I had not noticed and I am still waiting for the response from @Asad

help me pls

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