Theta TV not streaming

I am not able to watch video streams from Theta Edge Cast (Edge Node broadcast), although I do can watch Theta.TV Creators streamings. I am also doing my own streaming over Theta networking using an Edge Node, and I am not able to watch my stream over Theta TV website nor on the Theta Edge Node Broadcast. The problem is that every time I want to go to Theta stuff including to check my own streaming I have to go to Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge…
How can I fix this ? I have Widevine connected.
Many thanks

Can you please share an exact link to a video that you’re unable to view? What happens when you try to view the content?

Hi! Sure

I’m confused – did you download/do you have the Theta Edge Node already installed on your machine? It appears to be a requirement from the website in order to view this content.

Yes I have an Edge Node installed. Please consider that in the same computer I am able to watch all streamings with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. That message is a response from the website - I do not understand why I get that message, but it only happens with Brave.
EDIT: and only with Edge Cast streamings, as I mentioned before, not live streams from Theta TV Creators.

Can you please try viewing the content with Shields up, but change the Trackers & Ads setting to Allow all and see if this allows the content to play?

No, still don’t. But the screen is different now: black with whit cross saying “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”
Again in Google Chrome all good

2nd & 3rd BRAVE


Try adding this: @@||$xhr, in brave://adblock (and enabling ads/trackers in shields)

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Hey !
Yep, it works. I am able to watch Edge Cast streams including my own channel.
NOTE: I tried blocking ads/trackers and it still works | without the filter the stream just disappears and the request to"install edge node" message comes up.

I don’t have an IT background. Could you explain to us in a simple way what that filter does ? Could it became native in Brave somehow ?
Many thanks in advance!
best regards

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We block localhost access due to privacy, however some sites want access to for reasons.