These "three features" would make brave the best for me

Nice to be here!
I am new to this community. I’m using Microsoft Translate because I don’t speak English, sorry for any spelling mistakes.
I don’t know if this topic was previously discussed. I registered in the community to request three indispensable functions for me at this time. Its absence has prevented brave from being my default browser and I want it to be.

  1. That bookmarks can be sorted automatically, by categories, in the bookmarks bar. Maybe by clicking on the bar and that a context menu allows you to choose how to sort… for example: name, title, date, etc. In addition, that under each folder is the option “Add current page”. I saw this in Vivaldi, it is something simple but wonderful for those of us who have a collection of markers and want to have them sorted.

  2. An integrated translator, developed by you. I know this is more complicated, but those of us who need to visit pages in other languages suffer with the Google Translate extension, it is slow and inefficient. Chrome and Edge translate instantly, that built-in feature would make Brave much more attractive to thousands of users.

  3. A “speed dial” helps a lot to organize and have everything at hand.

I know you guys are a great team, please don’t ignore this request, I assure you that these three features would attract more users to this excellent browser. I want it to improve and grow, I love its speed, privacy and everything it represents, but honestly, these three functions would make it the best.