These fixes have to be applied be I can recommend the new Brave Browser

I like the direction that the new Brave Browser is going and even the look of it. However functionally I preferred the old browser and it was a little more reliable especially when it comes to the Brave Rewards/Payments. Before I can recommend the browser to more people again there needs to be some minor but major patches/fixes applied to the new browser. These bugs and left out features really impact how the browser works now compared to how it previously worked. For example if I expect my user to add my contributing site, they may have every intention to do so. However because of these bugs and glitches that exist they may add other sites as well and not be able to remove them.

So if these fixes can be applied that would be great:

  1. Add feature to manually add contributing sites.
  2. Make it so that when you turn off auto contribute it doesn’t remove the sites already listed
  3. Make it so that sites can be removed and don’t just linger
  4. Make it so that sites are only added once after being added
  5. Make it so that the channels within the sites are added and not just the whole site in it’s entirety.
  6. Add a payment history option so that a track record of payments received and sent can be seen (as in the previous browser)

I litterally believe all these bugs/glitches did not appear in the previous browser, and the features mentioned were also in the previous browser. So I know it’s not only possible, but these changes should’ve literally been implemented from the beginning (as they’re not really changes).