These are my feedback


So I’m a FF user since some 0.x version and I just tried Brave for some minutes. So here is my feedback:

Most severe issues:

  • Tab bar is still vastly inferior to FF (at least it’s not as bad as Chrome/Vivaldi). And this is a major issue with all chrome browsers for anyone who wants to use more than a few tabs.
    You tried to tackle that with those pages with each x tabs but it is not nearly as good as the FF way of just having one very wide tab bar that I can scroll with the mousewheel (scroll the tabbar with the mousewheel, not scroll through each tab!). Also in FF I have a button to then show me all tabs in one scrollable list.
    I think this is quite important to have, since with FF being dead with FF57 no chromium based browser has a proper tab management like FF has currently. Chrome and Vivaldi just don’t care about that at all and you at least tried to do something but it still is not useful. Is it not possible to write the UI to behave like FF for tabs (as described above)?

  • No mouse gestures (that also work on internal sites). As mouse gestures in chrome via addons are vastly either nonfunctional at all and/or spammed with ads I think this is quite important (I personally won’t use a browser without gestures).

  • HTML5 video player does not offer “click video to pause” - chromium issue…

  • Scrolling by clicking the mousewheel and moving the mouse will mark text while scrolling.

  • I can neither change the search engines URLs nor the keyword (why would I want to write an additional :, that is just unnecessary work)

  • UI is wasting too much vertical space compared to my FF (I’d have to set the default zoom to ~60% to achieve the same, but then I cannot read anything anymore)

  • The “three dot button” on the right lacks the option to clear browser data (I know it’s in the options), save a website (I know of ctrl+S and I saw you put it in the Files menu)

  • No easily accessible list to see all set cookies/HTML5 storage objects.

  • No active reddit (people don’t like to register on a new site)

Don’t take this as a rant (some people cannot cope with my behavior of just listing stuff I don’t like), I took the time to write all this because I want this browser to improve not to slam you.



Hi @orgmej,

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

  1. There are a couple of tabs bar related issues, But I believe this should solve the tab bar issue
  2. Issue to implement this is tracked here
  3. Issue tracked here
  4. Issue tracked here
  5. Issue tracked here
  6. Issue for individual cookie management tracked here
  7. Not really sure is that an extension?

closed #3

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